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Sliding Glass Door Storm Protection

When a massive storm or hurricane comes down the coast, one of the first things you may do is try to protect your home both inside and out. This protection can include setting up sandbags for possible flooding, putting on storm windows, or getting ready to evacuate.

Even those with impact windows, windows made to withstand storm damage. Owners still try to minimize the lasting damage the winds and debris can leave behind. But sometimes, even with the best weather preparedness, you may still have accidents. Pembroke Pines, FL also has a webpage for what to do after a hurricane.
Do you have a broken patio or sliding glass door after a significant storm? Then, you need to be looking for sliding glass door storm protection. With more massive storms sometimes your phone may be out of service. In addition, your roads may be closed to debris or other impassable issues. There are a lot of things to have in mind when dealing with the remainder of a storm.

Assessing the Damage

One of the first things to do after a storm is to assess your damage inside and out. Assessing can include throwing away damaged goods like furniture. As well as spoiled food, moldy clothes, and other items that can not be replaced.

Another thing you’ll need to do is separate hurricane debris from vegetation debris. The trash collectors are particular about what does and do not constitute hurricane debris. Lastly, make sure to make a list of what you may need to have replaced. Maybe you had to throw out, or need repairs.

If you have homeowners insurance then contacting your agent with the list and pictures (if you have them) of your damaged goods is essential.

Insurance and Repairs

Once the insurance agent can come out and assess the damage themselves, they can help you too. Your insurance agent can help you get repairs started and replace damaged goods and offer suggestions. Some will even give the go-ahead for repairs and reimburse you later.

Also if you don’t have homeowners insurance, or maybe your insurance has a deductible, you can still find ways to get back on your feet after a storm. Part of this is possibly having someone else come out to assess the situation to see if it’s not as bad as first thought.

Sliding Glass Door Repair Services near Pembroke Pines

Smooth Sliders is the Pembroke Pines sliding glass door company. With the highest ratings and reviews of sliding door repair companies in the area, we are ready to help you too. You can give us a call and we will be out to provide you with a free estimate. We do mobile calls in the Fort Lauderdale area.

This means you can give us a call and we come out and give you your estimate. And if you like the terms, we can go ahead and repair the issue on the spot. As long as we have the parts needed with us, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Our mobile service repair technicians are trained to handle any sliding door task. From scratch, including storm-resistant impact windows. If you’re tired of needing window replacements from storm debris. Changing broken windows to impact windows might be a good idea.

Free Estimates

The estimate is free, and the company comes to you to provide the service, depending on the customer’s requests they can even do a same-day quote and repair, not all companies can say that. Always professional and courteous, Pembroke Pines Sliding Glass Door Company Smooth Sliders has incredible reviews and good business history as can be found online.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Smooth Sliders door repair service has the history to show its dedication to its customers. The Google reviews, Yelp reviews, Facebook reviews, and Houzz reviews all speak for themselves and establish the satisfied customer base.
Emergency Services

Even on holidays like Thanksgiving and Easter Sunday they can come out and do an estimate and possibly also repair the same day. When it comes to fixing pocket doors (doors that slide into the wall and seem invisible) they can restore them without cutting into the walls; not all companies can say that. Most companies can’t even assess the situation without cutting a hole in the wall.

Having a door repair service that is easy to get a hold of, does the same-day at-home estimate and repairs, and can make repairs with minimal damage is something any door repair service can be proud of, not to mention the 90-day warranty on parts and service.

Meaning if something shifts or changes within the 90 days and you need an adjustment they can come back out and assess that and possibly fix it the same day. Having a sliding glass door repair company that backs up their work is one less thing that has to be on your mind when rebuilding after the storm.

Let us Calm Your Worries

Storms can be worrying, mainly for safety reasons such as downed utilities, damage to the house, having clean food and water for your home, and making sure all family members are safe and cared for (this includes lost pets). You’re going to have plenty of other issues to deal with, repairing a broken sliding door doesn’t have to be one of the more difficult ones, and making sure to find someone you can rely on to do the job quickly and professionally doesn’t have to be difficult.

Some of the things you need to think of after the storm include doing your part and organizing the trash and debris for waste management and getting a hold of utility services to report down lines or leaking water or gas lines. Everyone has responsibilities after a storm, and the road to rebuilding can be challenging, but don’t be afraid to ask for help from those near you.

Additional Information

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Sliding Glass Door Storm Protection

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