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Do you have a sliding door in your home that is hard to slide?

Do you need two hands to open or close your sliding door?

Would you like to slide your door like a new door?

If you have answered YES to any of those questions, you just arrive at the right place.

We would like to share with you valuable information about how to repair your sliding door. This information can save you money and frustration. If those tips didn’t work in any case, you may need a professional sliding door service.

We love to help our customers in the region of South Florida. With this in mind, we always think about the budget and the time of our customers. Smooth Sliders is a professional sliding door and window repair company. We are mobile and driving a fully equipped working truck with all the tools necessary to repair your sliding door.

We are pleased to share this information with you, but please remember, if you need a professional sliding door repair service, we are your best choice to call.

Please try the following tips to repair your sliding door

Check If Your Sliding Door Is Off  Track

The first thing to do is to check if your sliding door is off the track.  Bend down and check under your sliding door if the rollers are on the tack.  If you can’t see the rollers take a flat screwdriver and try to lift the door.  In case you find that the rollers are off track place them back on track

Sliding Door Track Cleaning

Cleaning your sliding door track is very important for the smooth operation of your door. While cleaning the track, you may pay attention to the corners of the frame. Using a brush or vacuum to clean the track of your sliding door is usually enough to remove hair, remain food, dust, and debris. Depending on the wear and tear it might be harder to clean your track than normally.

Lubricant Your Rollers

we recommend lubricating your sliding door rollers at least once a month. this performance will keep your sliding door rollers running smoothly. However, if your sliding door is stuck right now and lubrication doesn’t help, maybe the damage has already been done. in this case please call us to replace your sliding door rollers.

Choose our Team for Your Repair or Replacement Needs

Some things will eventually need replacing even if you maintain them as time affects us all. But managing your sliding glass door will keep it going that much longer. Though if you ever feel out of your depth and unsure if you can do it yourself there is nothing wrong with contacting professionals who have more experience working with sliding doors.

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