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Sliding Glass Door Repair Plantation

Smooth Sliders is a professional Sliding Glass Door Repair Plantation, FL.

We are sliding door specialists to repair any issue you have with your sliding door. Our experts can renew your sliding door as you got it out of a retail store. We can repair any type of sliding door whether a patio door, pocket door, or closet door.

You can make your life easy by calling Smooth Sliders for help. Don’t struggle with your door, and don’t ask your neighbor to help you open and close your sliding patio door. Make your life easy while you enjoy B.B.Q with your family on the back deck.

If you’re located in Plantation, FL, zip codes; FL: 33317, FL:33322, FL: 33324, FL: 33325, please call us for a free estimate. It doesn’t matter what issue you have with your sliding door. It also does not matter what type of sliding door it is. We can do it all, whether repair your sliding door rollers, tracks, or window. We can also repair shattered glass and screen doors.

Smooth Sliders technicians are experts in sliding door repairs and mobile to perform the job on-site in your home. Our specialists drive fully equipped working vans with wide inventory and equipment. We have a team that can handle heavy and big sliding doors.

Sliding Door Repair Services

Among our wide mobile sliding door services, we provide the following professional sliding door repairs in Plantation FL:


  • Patio Door Repairs
  • Pocket Door Repairs
  • Closet Door Repairs
  • Bi-Fold Door Repairs
  • Sliding Screen Door Repairs
  • Window Repairs
  • Impact Door Repairs
  • Sliding Door Roller Repairs
  • Repair Your Sliding Door Tracks
  • Sliding Door Lock Repairs

As you can see above, we can handle any task of sliding door issue. Please don’t hesitate to call us for any problem with your patio door, pocket door, as well as with your closet door. We’re here to help any time you need us most, also if you have just a quick question.

Need Help with your glass sliding door?

No problem, call Smooth Sliders your local sliding glass door replacement company today for a free estimate and get more information about

our services


sliding glass door replacement and handles, Balcony Sliding Door Repair, impact and non-impact sliding window repair and installation, impact and non-impact sliding door repair and installation, pocket door repair service and installation,

Glass Sliding Door Repair Weston

barn door repair and installation sliding screen door repair and installation, closet door repair and installation, bi-fold door repair and installation, and much more… call today for a free estimate at a local door repair company!

Free Estimates and Same Day Repairs

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Serving Broward, West Palm Beach, as well as Dade County, since 2007. As can be seen, Smooth Sliders is your best source for any sliding door repair you might need. This includes sliding doors and windows. In either case, we provide cost-effective solutions and quick repair services.


Call 954-818-9607 or complete our online form for a free estimate


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Monday – Friday

8;00 am – 8;00 pm


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We aim to bring you the best sliding door and windows repair services in South Florida, with top-notch customer service, and all of our work is guaranteed. with over 10 years of experience!

Smooth Sliders, Is your local sliding door repair and windows repair company we are your best choice for reliable service, prompt response, and low prices. We can repair or replace all your sliding doors and windows broken parts. We come to your house and provide effective solutions for all of your sliding door and window problems.

Call us today to get your problem solved!

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