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Is Pocket Door Right for You

Most people hear the word pocket door and kind of wrinkle their brow in confusion thinking maybe a doggy door or a door within a door. A pocket door is a sliding door that disappears, when fully open, into a compartment in the adjacent wall. They can be used either for their appearance or if there is no room for a hinged door to swing open. In smaller places or areas where a swinging door is inconvenient for space, a pocket door is a great solution. Some of them also serve other purposes like the partial height pocket door can also double as a pet/baby gate. Some owners enjoy the look and aesthetic of a sliding door in their home. As you see this door style is a more modern home style.

Pocket Door Pros

There are a lot of things that are ideal about pocket doors and Is Pocket Door Right for You. The main appeal is usually saving space in small areas where doors are not fitting or in more cramped spaces. These are good for bathrooms and small closet areas. The idea of a pocket door is to save valuable wall space that can then be utilized for other shelves or other furniture.

Sliding doors are useful for designing two separate rooms. So that you can join the rooms as needed. Also, there is the aesthetic value of the pocket doors, especially glass pocket doors, that many can use to add creativity to their home.

Something else a lot of parents is enjoying are partial height pocket doors that only come up to two or three feet tall. They are good at being a gate for toddlers and pets to keep them out of individual rooms. For instance; the kitchen when you’re cooking or cleaning.

Any parent can tell you how annoying it is to install a baby gate in any room, permanently or temporarily. With the partial height pocket doors, it’s just a matter of if you need a gate up or not.

Pocket Door Cons

While there are a lot of good things about pocket doors, there are also a few downsides. One of the main issues is the door doesn’t seal as tightly as a regular swinging door that can be locked.

Is Pocket Door Right for You Pocket door repair

The sealing issue means the sound isn’t dampened as much and you can be heard more clearly behind the doors. If there are any smells, like the bathroom or kitchen, they easily waft into the rest of the open home. And the light is tough to seal against as well with pocket doors. So if you’re a light sleeper and have an issue with the light keeping you up, this may not be a good idea for your bedroom door.

Issues with Pocket Doors

Another problem is when installing you have to tear up part of the wall when you install the pocket door. When finished being equipped, the door is covered by plaster and drywall. This means there are no central reinforcements or studs, so the wall is less sturdy than a swinging door.

Pocket doors are also known to have problems with their functionality such as falling off their tracks. As well as moving with difficulty, and are problematic to lock and can screech when rolled.

Anyone in the home who has dexterity issues like arthritis might also have a problem opening the doors as they take more energy to close than a swinging door. Most people who install them enjoy them even if they have to get them fixed or replaced.

Passive and Private Pocket Door

Pocket doors come in two ways: passive and private. Passive means you can slide the door shut, but it does not lock. A private pocket door has a lock on it. Unfortunately, the locks on the pocket door are not usually sturdy and only have a round or square lock.

The square lock is a lever that flips out from the door edge and acts as a finger pull to slide the door out of the pocket. Round pocket door locks have a tab that pops out that you can use to tug the door from the pocket. Unfortunately, the locking mechanisms are not that sturdy and are more for general privacy than trying to keep someone out.

Pocket Door Repair in Fort Lauderdale

Some of the main issues with fixing the doors are simple things like lubricating the rollers. Sometimes when the door is older than possibly replacing the track and old rollers might be needed. As they may have built up dirt or have been chipped away at and need to be replaced. You can hire a contractor. But if you feel comfortable enough, you can buy the equipment and do it yourself.

The thing that is irritating about fixing pocket doors is that most of the ways to fix them start by cutting a hole in your wall. This is needed to see what the specific issue is. Sometimes this is a smaller 2’ x 3’ hole on the side with the pocket for the door. This hole in the wall is to remove the door. So you can see what the issue is and possibly repair it. If you’re not the do-it-yourself handyman type person, there is no shame in asking a contractor or repair team for help.

Pocket Door Repair Services

There are a lot of pocket door repair services in Fort Lauderdale with Florida having variable weather that isn’t always easy on homes. Some of the top Fort Lauderdale pocket door repair companies include Reliable Door repair, Smooth Sliders, and Accutrack. Only Smooth Sliders and Accutrack mention pocket doors, and Smooth Sliders are one of the few companies that can boast it doesn’t need to open up your wall to repair the issue which is most people’s pet peeve.

Overall the issue comes down to choice. A pocket door is useful for saving space, aesthetics, and in the case of the partial height pocket doors being a built-in gate for little ones or pets. Know that if you decide a pocket door is right for you, that you should get good quality parts and supplies. If you don’t feel comfortable installing or repairing it on your own there are plenty of pocket door repair services in the area to help.

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